The Names of Joba Chamberlain’s Mustache Hairs


In case you were living in a cave and missed out, Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain has grown a mustache. And while many have taken to making fun of Chamberlain for having a patchy version of the classic facial hair style, I say stop. As a member of the “unable to grow significant above lip hair” club, which is especially terrible given my status in the “hair everywhere else on my body” society, I know it takes a certain amount of personal strength, courage, and bravery to even get to the point Chamberlain is at now. 

And because a mustache is also an act of love, one that’s roughly the equivalent of giving birth to a human being, Joba has gone and named each of his 237 mustache hairs. And while a parent isn’t supposed to play favorites, these are the ones that have a special place in Joba’s heart: 


(photo by Elsa/Getty Images) 

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