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30 for 30 Shorts: The Deal - ESPN →

In the winter of 2003 two cities went after the same man. On one side, New York. On the other, Boston. In the middle, the hired gun: Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod Surrenders 

John Harper from the NY Daily News joins SNY’s GEICO SportsNite to discuss Alex Rodriguez’ decision to drop his lawsuits against Bud Selig and Major League Baseball.

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"He should have got more." - Former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda talks about the steroid controversy surrounding Alex Rodriguez.’s Recapr takes a look at the fallout from the steroid suspension levied on Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod Walks Out 

Michael O’Keeffe joins the Daily News Live panel to discuss the ongoing arbitration hearing between Alex Rodriguez and MLB, and A-Rod walking out on the hearing on Wednesday.

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SNY’s Daily News live welcomes Alex Rodriguez’s lawyer Lanny Davis to the studio to discuss the Yankees player’s lawsuit.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman prefers that Alex Rodriguez start at third base for the team in 2014. 

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