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"Lucas Nogueira’s afro/hat combination has been named the steal of the draft." - @theScore

NBA Draft #16 Boston Celtics - Lucas Nogueira #1


Nets beat the Celtics despite this vicious dunk from Brandon Bass
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If you’re wondering what could have possibly happened to prompt Carmelo Anthony to wait outside MSG for Kevin Garnett and the Celtics before they got on the team bus, this video of David Lee should help. If you’ve never had anyone talk s__t to you on a playground or in an organized game, it’s hard to comprehend, but these guys are the hardest to go against because you’re thinking about all the messed up stuff they just said about your mom and not the game you’re playing in.

By the way, ‘Melo was 6 of 26 from the field last night. KG strikes again.