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"Did you ever wish you could combine baseball and bowling? No? Really? Well, @DAVIDprice14 did." - @RaysBaseball

“Do you really think some player would say no, all things considered, if it was a good deal for them? I’m not talking about his situation, but if it was a good deal for a player, I’m pretty sure most guys – maybe not all guys – would have no trouble shaving. Maybe it means a lot to him. I don’t know.”

Derek Jeter on Tampa’s David Price’s comments about having to shave his beard if he wanted to be a Yankee in the future. via Mark Feinsand

Price told FOX Sports: “I wouldn’t sign a long-term deal there. Those rules, that’s old-school baseball. I was born in ’85. That’s not for me. That’s not something I want to be a part of.”


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