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The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin joined SNY’s Loud Mouths to discuss the article he wrote about Fred Wilpon.

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He all but changed the theme song of the franchise from "Meet the Mets" to "Hate the Mets." →

The sympathetic portions of the 11,000-word piece [Toobin’s New Yorker piece] are obscured in total by Wilpon’s critical comments on Jose Reyes, David Wright and Carlos Beltran. Mets officials had said for years that they wished their fans knew how much Wilpon lives and dies with every pitch of every game; that he is not a detached owner trying to pinch pennies, but rather an obsessive fan who hungers to make this team a consistent winner again.

Now that is no longer hidden. The passages that are most damning occur while Wilpon is agonized while watching a game against the Astros — probably mimicking what was occurring all over the Citi Field seats. Wilpon decries: That Beltran is an inferior product from what the Mets thought they bought; that Wright is a good kid, but no superstar; that the oft-injured Reyes is not going to be worth top-of-the-market dollars in free agency.

It all would have sounded like standard operating lunatic fringe stuff from, say, Joe Beningo. But from Fred Wilpon it was undignified, rude and — worst of all — counterproductive. He finally is showing the fans his true passion and, in doing so, he is telling the fans: You are right to hate my team. You are right to stay away in droves. You are right to believe that this organization has been incompetently run to the point where our best players are this flawed.

He all but changed the theme song of the franchise from “Meet the Mets” to “Hate the Mets.” - Joel Sherman, NYPost (for more click above link)

Side note: “Lastly, before you react emotionally to this ‘story,’ read the full 22-page article. Otherwise, you’re just reacting to reaction.” - Matt Cerrone, MetsBlog