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Mets’ Jason Bay could move to center field in 2012, team up with Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda in OF

Imperfect circumstances call for creative solutions, and in recent weeks the Mets have kicked around many ideas for 2012. In that spirit, a well-placed front office source said it is “a possibility” that the Mets will move Jason Bay to center field next year.

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Swapping A.J. Burnett for Jason Bay makes sense for both the Yankees and the Mets

Over the last two seasons, they have been two of baseball’s biggest enigmas. They have the same annual salary ($16.5 million), and each player has two years left on his contract. And even though no team could possibly want them right now, A.J. Burnett and Jason Bay should be swapped for each other. Yes, the Mets and Yankees make crosstown trades about as often as Jorge Posada has used his catcher’s gear lately, but they should make an exception in this case. 

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My Mets Journal is some nifty stuff.

rubenfeld: The artist was profiled in today’s New York Times.

Mets having a Grand Ole Time in Detroit 

Watch Beltran’s slam here


It really happened, you guys. Here’s photographic evidence. Oh my goodness.

Slumping Mets OF Jason Bay reacts to not being in the lineup tonight. 

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"If Jason Bay was given a few days paternity leave, think how many Antonio Cromartie would need." - Phil Mushnick, NYPost

Jason Bay is Back

It’s Thurs-Bay Thurs-Bay gotta get down…