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The trouble with Johnny - ESPN The Magazine →

Johnny Manziel can’t escape the pull of his celebrity, and it could derail his career

The Mag: False child porn allegation ends coach's career →

On Tuesday, May 7, the New York Knicks were playing the Indiana Pacers in the playoffs—as important a game as they’ve had in fifteen years. But midway through the third quarter, almost everybody in Press Row and the skyboxes above it turned their attention away from the game and toward their televisions, to a Mets game. Matt Harvey was on fire. Again.

Harvey—who, as a nice touch, had a bloody nose through the first few innings—ended up losing his perfect game in the seventh, but it hardly mattered. While he was pitching, everything else in sports stopped—all this city cared about was a young pitcher and the promise of a new tomorrow.

Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey May Be Off to the Best Start in Baseball History
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Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan:

Phil Jackson throws book at Kobe In a new memoir by the former coach, the Lakers’ star comes up short in comparisons with Michael Jordan.

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Helmets Preventing Concussion Seen Quashed by NFL-Riddell - Bloomberg →

With a device called ProCap, Bert Straus says he invented headgear that could reduce concussions in National Football League games. He never got the chance.

The ProCap, which took him eight years to develop, was gaining ground among players until he brought it before the NFL committee dealing with brain injuries. The panel disparaged Straus’s invention, prompting the league to warn players they risked death wearing it. The committee was guided in part by the advice of an outside consultant who once testified for Riddell Inc. (0059072D), the league’s official helmet maker, in an injury lawsuit.