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@AntDeRosa: Better photo showing where tire landed in stands from @NASCAR_RealTime.

UPDATE: Mashable —> Horrific Race Video Hits YouTube, NASCAR Has It Taken Down

UPDATE Pt 2: ShortFormBlog —> Why the video is back! 


NASTY NASCAR CRASH, view from the stands: Final lap of today’s race at Daytona, 15 spectators injured when #32 car catapulted into the netting. More video/more pics here —>

The laws of physics explain why there aren’t any female members of a NASCAR pit crew: The average woman of 5-4 weighs around 130 pounds, and the average racing tire weighs between 55 and 70 pounds. So physics explains a woman of average size would have to lift and move half her weight – twice – and bolt two tires in 12 seconds or less to succeed in a NASCAR pit.

Physics never met Christmas Abbott.

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