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When Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy hit the range, no cup is safe.

Nike designer apologizes for saying injured Derrick Rose, an adidas man, ‘chose poorly’

Read: Yahoo! Sports

Jordan shoe Melo will wear for St. Pat’s day tomorrow @darrenrovell


Robert Rodriguez’s Nike Short Film ‘The Black Mamba’

Kobe Bryant stars in Robert Rodriguez-directed Nike promo short film…

Unintential Double Entendre of the year:

Rodriguez: So what does everyone wnat from you when you roll into town?

Bryant: (Without blinking) To take the Black Mamba out.

(via SlashFilm)



The Future of Print? Nike Makes Shoes From Shredded Magazines | Fast Company’s Co.Design

According to John Pavlus: The Nike “Women’s Premium Print Pack” will be available in January in “limited quantities” in “select emerging markets.” 

We’ve always thought magazines are better for mental exercise, but to each their own …

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