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A photograph unearthed by Pete Putman, a photographer and sports blogger from Bucks County, Pa., shows the back end of the stadium painted in a cream white with flourishes of blue and orange, the Mets’ colors. Above the clubhouse were the words “Polo Grounds” and to the right, in larger letters, were the words “The Mets N.Y. National League Baseball Club.”

Behind the stadium, apartment houses can be seen set against a blue sky and puffs of white clouds. A handful of cars are parked in front, presumably those of workers inside. Many pictures of the Polo Grounds were taken from Coogan’s Bluff, above the other end of the stadium. But this photo provides a rare view of the stadium, a tranquil portrait of a relic that was soon to vanish.

The person who took this photograph remains a mystery.

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1962 Mets, Casey Stengel & the Polo Grounds in color.

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