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50-year-old Rogers Clemens has signed with the Sugar Land Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League and is expected to start for them on Saturday at home against Bridgeport.

Embarrassing error by Clemens prosecutor results in mistrial: →

"Judge couldn’t un-ring bell, put toothpaste back in tube." - @JayBilas

Judge Reggie Walton halted proceedings this morning over complaints from the defense about prosecutors’ use of information the judge had banned, quickly accepted their concerns and then declared a mistrial.

The defense had complained that prosecutors had not followed a pretrial ruling to limit information about conversations fellow ballplayer Andy Pettitte had with his wife about the use of human growth hormone.

Clemens’ defense team has raised objections to prosecutors’ showing jurors extended parts of Clemens testimony on Feb. 13, 2008, which referenced conversations between Pettitte and his wife about use of HGH.

Before  a brief recess, Walton admonished prosecutors for not editing down portions of the testimony, saying, “I made a ruling that statements that Mr. Pettitte made to his wife could not be admitted.

“This clearly runs afoul of my pre-trial rulings.”  Walton told the prosecutors. “That testimony is not going to be relevant.” 

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On Wednesday, jury selection began in the trial of once adored, now humiliated Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens. Clemens is charged with lying to a House Committee in 2008 when he denied using performance-enhancing drugs. How much damage will the trial and its revelations do to our national pastime? Keith ponders the issue with Houston Chronicle sports columnist Richard Justice.

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The trial, scheduled to begin tomorrow and last 4-6 weeks, will bring a parade of celebrity athletes and plenty of sordid details to the staid Washington federal courthouse. It will feature testimony about illicit drugs, bloody evidence of injections, an abscess on Clemens’ backside allegedly caused by steroid use and allegations that his accuser is a serial liar and a rapist. —MOUND OF TROUBLE, The Daily

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