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"I can read lips. I just can’t share it." - Ron Darling

"I can read lips. I just can’t share it." - Ron Darling

Ron Darling: Looks like Rob Ryan to me.

Keith Hernandez: See what happens to you when you root for the Mets for decades. 


When SNY posted this picture on their Facebook page today it reminded me of two things:

1. How much I miss these old ads.

2. How lucky and excited I am to be starting my job at SNY next week.


Ron Darling in the latest “Stand Up To Cancer” commercial, running during the World Series, holds a sign up for Gary Carter, who is battling brain tumors.

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed gay marriage into law late Friday night, he made New York the largest state yet, and sixth in the nation, to approve of same-sex unions—and achieved what Mets great Ron Darling saw as a major strike for equality.

“I immediately called my wife as soon as I heard,” said Darling, who long ago made the city his adopted home and now works as a broadcaster for the team. “I’m joyous. Excited. I can’t wait to hear if my friends are going to take the plunge, and I’m anticipating going to many marriages.”

For Darling, the equation is simple: Why not recognize and celebrate any form of love between two people?

“I’m excited that all those who have the chance to love will now be able to do it publicly,” he said.

Unfortunately, Darling sees major league baseball and other professional sports as behind New York state in its attitudes towards gays, and believes that most athletes are not yet enlightened enough to accept an openly gay teammate.

“I don’t think we’re there yet, and I think that is sad. But it is going to happen. It is going to take one of the great players to come out. At some point, one of our athletes is going to reveal that he is gay, and I think that will be a joyous moment—not only for gays and lesbians, but for all of us.”

More on this in tomorrow’s Daily News.

“When you think about what’s your greatest game, my greatest game is a game I lost.’’ - Ron Darling

Thirty years later, it remains one of the most celebrated college baseball games ever played: Yale vs. St. John’s in an NCAA regional in New Haven.

Yale’s Ron Darling pitched 11 no-hit innings before St. John’s Steve Scafa singled in the 12th then stole second, third and home for the only run. The winning pitcher: Frank Viola. - Neil Best, Newsday

(Pic via SNY)

Ron Darling leading a ‘Let’s Go Mets’ chant during 1986 championship parade 

Ron Darling: You can see those appearances for the Rays last year. Only 44 innings, so he’s usually a guy who who comes in to face a lefty and is done.

Gary Cohen: So, you’re saying with those 85 games, the Rays didn’t abuse him.

Ron Darling: They didn’t abuse him, yeah. They took better care of their left-hander than the Mets were accused of. 

Ron Darling: I’m gonna ask a really silly question here but all the minor leaguers that are now in the ballgame have the double flaps [helmet]. Is that a mandatory thing in the minor leagues now?

Gary Cohen: I believe it is. Everybody is going to look like Shane Victorino.

Keith Hernandez: Wow!

Ron Darling: It’s hard to style with the double flap.

Keith Hernandez: Getcha nowhere. [giggles]