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Notable Mets Twitter Troll Arrested


NBC Connecticut reports that a West Haven man, 32-year-old Aryn Leroux, has been arrested for threatening the New York Mets players, organization and staff members, as well as Citi Field itself. And yes Mets fans, it’s who you think it is.


Leroux, charged with threatening in the second degree and breaching the peace, is the one and only Mets Twitter troll known as Dan Tanna (@danXtanna). Over the past season, “Tanna” had run-ins with Mets players publicly and not-so publicly, making specific threats towards players, staff and the ballpark. While I won’t say specifically what the threats were, know that they were serious enough to warrant police attention.

"Tanna", who’s Twitter name is xmulderx, can be traced back to an e-mail address of the very same name. And who is that e-mail registered to? You guessed itAryn Leroux.

So there you go, Mets Twitter. One less troll—a specifically vile one—is done.

Social media spat between the Rays and Sox. Love it!

More interesting, though, is that giant smear of yellow running through the middle. That represents Sports Twitter, and it’s big — bigger than all the others. It’s not clear if these were 50,000 randomly selected verified accounts or the 50,000 largest, but either way, Sports Twitter dominates.

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Funny Or Die: MLB Twitter Takeover

Hey, baseball fans! We’re taking over the @MLB, @Dodgers and @Braves Twitter accounts Sunday afternoon!

Follow them and prepare for ball jokes!

Tweet to “SNYtv … and whatever that number sign is.” - Keith Hernandez

Vin Scully wants to know what a hashtag is.