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Mike Francesa Breaks John Tortorella's Firing In Very Mike Francesa Way →

Take note, reporters. This is how you announce breaking news:

I don’t know what happened…I don’t know what happened. I don’t know anything yet. I’m shocked to have to admit, I don’t know any details of anything.

Mike Francesa may not use Twitter, but that doesn’t stop an anonymous duo from mocking him

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Mike Francesa gets pranked twice over falling asleep on air.

@AntDeRosa: One of the most epic Mike Francesa meltdowns of all time (about the Mets)


An oral history of the first all-sports talk station, WFAN, which included Don Imus, Mike Francesca, and Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo:

Jeff Smulyan (founder and CEO, Emmis Broadcasting): Imus was just getting out of rehab when we bought the station. His agent was a friend of mine; we laughed because we had a bad radio station and a bad personality who’s probably going to be a drug addict for the rest of his life and a baseball team [the Mets] with rumors about drugs. It was kind of like the grand slam.

Mike Breen (updates, ‘Imus in the Morning’): He was a bad drunk and a drug addict. You didn’t know what you were gonna get. The first day I started working with Imus at NBC, I asked the program director to bring me back to meet him; it was two o’clock in the afternoon and he was drunk. So the program director says, ‘Can this kid fill in on sports for Don Criqui tomorrow?’ And Imus was like, ‘Sure, now get out of my office.’ He didn’t even look up. When I went in the next day, I sat down and he had no idea who I was. So he shuts his mic off and he looks at me and he says, ‘Who the f—- are you?’ I said, ‘I’m filling in for Criqui.’ He turns his mic back on and he says to Charles McCord, ‘Charles, do you know this kid? He claims he’s fillin’ in for Criqui.’ Now this is on the air, this part. So he spent the next 10 minutes interviewing me, asking me how I got to work on his show.

“The Sound and the Fury.” — Alex French and Howie Kahn, Grantland

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WFAN’s Mike Francesa doesn’t like the twitter - Bob’s Blitz

Mike Francesa’s College of Musical Knowledge: →

With the passing of Dick Clark, Francesa last week shared his peerless expertise, stating Elvis Presley performed on Clark’s “American Bandstand,” the show that first introduced him to American TV audiences.

Grade-A Francesa Brand Bull. Presley never appeared on AB. And his first mass TV exposure, famously, was on two Milton Berle shows in 1956.

Recently, after the Monkees’ Davy Jones died, Francesa authoritatively stated that “Happy Together,” a 1967 hit performed by The Turtles, was written by Bob Dylan.

What? What! Happy Together was a bubblegum-genre song. Bob Dylan!

Francesa once lectured that while John Lennon was the most talented Beatle, Paul McCartney was a better guitarist than Lennon — until a caller, one quickly dumped by Francesa, told him that such a comparison is absurd because McCartney mostly played bass. - Phil Mushnick, NY Post

Francesa reaching point of no return - Phil Mushnick →

Mike Francesa’s Master of the Universe Complex has become too profound to any longer be regarded as funny. He’s becoming sad, pathetic. And unless he gets hold of himself — as unlikely as that is — he’ll remain a clear and present danger to himself, the last to take him seriously.

Francesa, still the top sports radio listen here — aided in large part by a lack of competition — has sustained and confused his popularity, unaware that car wrecks draw crowds.

Two weeks ago, there was that brazenly dishonest Al Alburquerque episode, transparent to all except Francesa. Although he presents himself as a baseball expert, he’d never heard of the Tigers’ third-year reliever — who just had pitched against the Yankees in the ALDS — thus, when a caller brought up Alburquerque’s name, Francesa slam-dunked the phone, as if a prank caller had slipped through.

Later, after learning off-air Al Alburquerque is for real, he might have apologized to that caller and admitted his mistake. Instead, he lied his way in deeper, claiming he knows Alburquerque as Alberto Jose Alburquerque, likely meaning Francesa and Alburquerque’s mother are the only two.

Last week, same thing. Although he regards himself as an unparalleled NFL expert, a widely reported story escaped him: Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall, extremely talented but just as troubled — his presence and participation in felonious street crime and domestic violence has been steady — months ago was clinically diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Although such diagnoses often lead to cynicism (Don’t we all have such lines that we border?), that’s not the point. The professional diagnosis was BPD.

So when Marshall, with tonight’s Dolphins-Jets game on his fragile mind, spewed delusional inanities, both his words and disorder made more news. Except Francesa, the condescending, conceited, big-talking expert on all matters was the last to know.

Thus, when a caller matter-of-factly stated that Marshall has BPD, Francesa stopped him cold, belittled him, hollered at him, indignantly demanded to know — without allowing the caller to answer — if he’s a psychiatrist, if he examined Marshall, if he has any idea what he’s talking about. And then, bully that he is, Francesa slam-dunked the phone.

Minutes later, clearly having been informed off-air that Marshall in facthasbeen clinically declared to have BPD, Francesa returned to the issue — not to apologize to that abused, ridiculed and bullied caller, nor to admit his error — but to again perform his transparent liar’s dance, the Megalomaniac’s Waltz, as if he, of course, was well aware of Marshall’s BPD (Who isn’t?), but regards that as no excuse for Marshall’s antisocial behavior.

But what of Francesa’s now ceaseless antisocial behavior? The Emperor’s same old new clothes. For his sake, before whatever corpuscle of credibility he may still have is destroyed from the inside, out, it’s time for a new wardrobe.

Francesa, Jets detente?

When the Jets invited WFAN to do a show from their practice facility, the station wasn’t sure that Mike Francesa’s program was included. The team said it was.

Still, Francesa was skeptical, given the tense relationship between the Jets and the host last season. “I said, ‘I don’t believe it,’’’ he said Tuesday.

So he figured he would call the Jets’ bluff by demanding interviews with owner Woody Johnson, GM Mike Tannenbaum, coach Rex Ryan, quarterback Mark Sanchez and cornerback Darrelle Revis.

“They emailed back that they would promise all those people,’’ Francesa said. “I was very surprised, exceptionally surprised.’’

The result: Francesa will visit Aug. 11 after that day’s Mets game, perhaps a step toward normalizing relations with the team.

“I’m not sure; I’ll take it at face value right now,’’ Francesa said. “I’ll go out there with an open mind and a clean slate.’’

Neil Best, Newsday

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