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Is not Should in Sports Blogging


We are fans. Sure, some of us may have played baseball at higher levels than most, but these days we’re all just fans.  So, though I realize it might have to happen from time to time, I always try not to write about what players should do, or need to do, to be better.

Instead, I write about what they are doing. At its essence, I feel MetsBlog is a place where fans catch up on what’s going on with the Mets. They come to the site to see what they’ve missed while they were in a meeting, or at dinner, or tucking their kid in at night. So, when writing about pitching, hitting or defense, I only advise my team to simply explain what happened and what guys are doing as they succeed and fail.  

In other words, describe what the player is doing that is making him hit more balls to left field, or say how pitchers are throwing to him. DO NOT tell me what he should do to pull the ball more and be more successful. DO NOT tell me what a pitcher needs to do to get more ground balls.

I don’t think I’m above my readers. We stand shoulder to shoulder, equal as fans. The difference is that my team of writers and I pay ridiculously close attention to what the team is doing at all times, and we have a platform (MetsBlog) where we can write about what’s happening for people who may missed it and don’t know what to look for. That’s the only difference, and to pretend otherwise would be foolish.