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"Nights like last night should remind Knicks fans why Anthony needs to remain a Knick after this season. Regardless of what the contract looks like, Anthony still can score against anyone and with the right supporting cast around him, he can win in New York." -  Carmelo Anthony was spectacular in win over Pelicans - The Knicks Blog

“I think Carmelo wants to play in New York, he wanted to come there, I think he likes playing in New York. I think he would stay in New York if he’s got a chance to win.”Jim Boeheim

Many are speculating about Carmelo Anthony’s future. Among those who believes Anthony could remain in New York is his former college coach, Jim Boeheim. Boeheim said in a radio interview Wednesday that Anthony would remain a Knick if “he’s got a chance to win.” More> The Knicks Blog

“I’m just tired of losing,” he said after scoring 37 points in the game’s first half. And after following it up with 25 points in the second, Anthony admitted that it felt good.

“What happened tonight feels surreal for me,” Anthony said afterward. And while he was basking in his history-making moment, Anthony said something that resonated.

“The fans, I haven’t heard them like that since last year.”

Carmelo Anthony now stands alone in the Garden - The Knicks Blog

"Rebuilding the Knicks is not going to be an easy task. They are missing a number of key pieces and are void of draft picks until 2018. Our next president will be 2 years into his next term before the Knicks draft a player again. Given the lack of draft picks, the Knicks will have to rely on free agency and smart trades to rebuild. The question remains, is that rebuilding around Anthony or without him."

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Carmelo Anthony with the beautiful pass to Kenyon Martin for the slam in New York’s 98-96 OT win over the Phoenix Suns.

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Carmelo Anthony: “We’re the laughingstock of the league.”

“It was embarrassing.” - Carmelo Anthony

SNY's GEICO SportsNite hears from J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, and Mike Woodson after the New York Knicks lost to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday.

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