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Rex Ryan enters Jets Training Camp on Friday.

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Idzik preaches patience, Ryan praises secondary →


This fan-made silent film about Mark Sanchez’s “Butt Fumble” is just the best


Maybe Mark Sanchez is channeling David Beckham/every soccer player with long hair? The Jets quarterback spoke to the media with his hair slicked back and wearing a green headband that received lots of attention. He says there’s “a little fire” inside him as he faces the prospect of a tough competition this off-season. (Photo: Rich Schultz/The Associated Press)


The 2012 New York Jets.

(Photos by Ed Mulholland, USA TODAY Sports)


Clearly the sane thing to do while reporting on a hurricane is to let your audience know you’re Tebowing.


85/100 » Pictures of Mark Sanchez

Flashback Photo — Rookie year


Spotted at a construction site in NYC. 


New York let off some summer steam as about 20 Jets players brawled today. 

Video of the incident.



Curtis Martin presented the Gold Jacket by Bill Parcells

Congrats to Curtis Martin for being inducted in to the Hall of Fame!


Can the reporters get their names right? Here’s a compilation video of reporters confusing Tim for Mark, and Mark for Tim, and their reactions.