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Oh, these two…

Have we found a replacement for Sanchez?


Oh, these two…

Have we found a replacement for Sanchez?



Tecmo Bowl–Winning Bulldogs Visit White House | Full Story

You laughed.

President Barack Obama bounces a soccer ball off his head after receiving it as a gift while hosting the 2012 Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup winner Los Angeles Galaxy, at a ceremony in the East Room of the White House.

(Larry Downing, Reuters / March 26, 2013)

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Both Houses have passed it unanimously under President Bush and President Obama, but neither president took action on a formal pardon.

“President Obama has never said why he didn’t pardon Jack Johnson when Congress unanimously asked him to do so. The senators and congressmen pushing this pardon are apparently hoping that a re-elected President Obama sees this differently than he did in his first term,” said O’Donnell. “One hundred years after Jack Johnson’s conviction in court, justice for the first African-American heavyweight champion is up to the first African-American president.”


Gun-Control Battle Spills Over To Super Bowl Ads

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is airing a 30-second spot in the Washington, D.C., area calling for background checks on all gun sales.

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I know some think the Super Bowl should be a respite from political or controversial topics. What do you guys think? Should ads like this be aired during the Super Bowl?

“Seems that the nation is divided, not just about politics but also about football.”

A new poll found a partisan divide among fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. The survey from Clarus Research group found Republicans are partial to the 49ers, 43% to 26%, while Democrats leaned towards the Ravens 39% to 33%. - Superbowl party partisanship breakdown - CNN

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"As part of my wager with @MayorSRB [Baltimore’s Mayor] I agreed 2 do the famous Ray Lewis dance, but was sidelined by an injury. Until now!” - @MayorHancock [Denver’s Mayor]