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The Excellence of Rivera (Mariano Rivera, 2008-2011.)

Mariano Rivera (NYA) reached a milestone Wednesday afternoon as he pitched in his 1000th game, 990 of them in relief. At seasonal age 41, the Yankees closer continues to impress. With a 1.71 ERA he’s going for his fourth straight season with an ERA under 2.00. If he succeeds, it would he his eleventh such season in his career. The current streak of sub-two ERAs coincides with the PITCHf/x era. The following graph sums up Rivera’s dominance in that time quite well.

The first thing to notice is that Mariano uses one pitch, a cut fastball thrown between 90 and 94 miles per hour.  There’s nothing soft, no off speed pitch to fool the batters.  The cutter does it well all by itself.

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Baseball to see new data explosion →

But now comes the sensor revolution, which will bring to baseball (and the rest of our lives) mountains of new statistics. These ones, as Ira Boudway writes at Bloomberg, will measure players not by the traditional route—results—but instead by monitoring and measuring their behavior. The new monitoring, already in place at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, is called Fieldf/x. Boudway writes:

Fieldf/x is a motion-capture system created by Chicago- based Sportvision. It uses four cameras perched high above the field to track players and the ball and log their movements, gathering more than 2.5 million records per game. That means you could find out whether Ichiro Suzuki truly gets the best jump on fly balls hit into the right-field gap, or if Derek Jeter really deserved that Gold Glove last year.