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Jimmy Kimmell Live: “Mean Tweets,” NBA Edition

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“I ain’t gonna miss all f**king night” - Rasheed Wallace


Editing the latest video for MetsBlog & SNY, “Sandy’s Plan” featuring Matthew Cerrone > (Taken with Instagram)


This is really great.

“A Day in the Life of MetsBlog” with my good buddy Matthew Cerrone


The Daily feat. Jeremy & The Lakers

Song: Mountain Brothers “Paperchase”


Video from the Associated Press showing a crowd gathering on Penn State’s campus after trustees at the university fired football coach Joe Paterno.


Troy Polamalu pranks visitors at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood by pretending to be a wax figure, then coming alive when they snap photos with him.

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This video of sports announcers reacting to last night’s Rays win and Boston loss pretty much captures what I’m sure was going on in a lot of households.

Thank you Yankees for throwing the game to let Tampa win.

Thank you Red Socks for sucking.



MUST WATCH:  Derrick Rose, just a regular high school kid

I call this the “Ohhhhh!!!” video.The most amazing part isn’t Rose’s dunk, and it isn’t the reaction from the crowd and bench.  It’s that Derrick Martell Rose was, somehow, found not guilty in the brutal murder of this teenage boy.

Derrick Rose now plays basketball in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls.